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Last Updated: 176 days ago

Plymouth is a city of approximately 250,000 residents and students.

Transition Plymouth is working towards the following:


To manage resources in an increasingly sustainable manner, empowering us, the citizens of Plymouth, to improve our quality of life and community.


1.- To educate people and organisations in Plymouth on Climate Change and Peak Oil.

2.- To support community actions against Climate Change and Peak Oil.

3.- To promote and support the alternatives to fossil fuel dependency and nuclear power.

4.- To encourage a fair/ethical and low carbon local economic system.

5.- To support environmental welfare.

6.- To encourage the consumption of local food.

7.- To support and engage with other transition groups in pursuit of our aims and objectives.

8,- To work together with any other groups and organisations, as appropriate, to develop and implement an Energy Descent Action Plan for Plymouth and its environs.

9.- To challenge developments, behaviours and practices that are against our aims and objectives.

10.- To seek a nuclear-free Plymouth

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