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Radio City Association

Last Updated: 29 days ago

Through the Electric Valley we will reinvest from community owned renewable energy projects in local projects and people. We aspire to create an inclusive economy with community economic and social growth and development, tackling issues of poverty and inequality and retaining wealth, assets, and value in the area to empower a local resilient, dynamic and more self-sufficient economy. We will support a just transition to net zero enabling an environment with clean air, water and land supporting a robust ecologically biodiverse environment where flora and fauna can thrive through renewable energy and other carbon reduction projects. We will preserve local heritage, promote the arts and culture in addition to expanding access to sport and recreation for the benefit of the wider Garnock Valley community. We will work on improving public health outcomes and improve community wellbeing. We will improve mobility with sustainable transport and develop placemaking to create a more accessible community. We will provide employment, training, and education opportunities for local people to succeed in life.

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