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Recharge Kuranda Community Transition Centre

Last Updated: 173 days ago


Recharge Kuranda is an Transition Umbrella born for the wider Region of Far North Queensland to facilitate a physical location, meeting place and focal point for transition in Far North Queensland

 The Recharge hub itself is covered in its running cost by the community who gladly support their local community Farmers Market, which is brought about through the locally operating Social Enterprise; RealFood Network and that facilitates an amazing variety of workshops, events, activities, networks’ representation, information sharing and community activation. Recharge Kuranda is set out to Re ignite Community Spirit.

The hub and its core members have facilitated various Transition FNQ meetings, engaged in Council Community Planning workshops and private sessions, delivered lectures to local students during their Field Study on Sustainability for the Tablelands region and they regularly holds  events or Movies that Matter that all relate back to Transition and being the change.

Recharge Kuranda is already a:

Local Energy Trading System (LETS) Hub that regularly holds LETS trading days and events.

Seed Savers Hub that regularly hold Seed Saving meetings, have a Seed bank and share and preserve Seed Knowledge.

Community Farmers and Artist Markets with Live Art and Local Food every Friday & Saturday

Community Soup Kitchen that serves beautiful RealFood each Sunday to the community. RealSoup for Free. Made by volunteers and particpants at the Hub.

Community Peace Garden Project that holds a wide variety of local, heirloom and heritage vegetable seed stock, all alive in the ground.

Transition FNQ meeting place and physical representation hub.

– Active community workshop and public presentation place. We have had sensitive permaculture trainings, weaving and bush tucker workshops, transition town meetings, bio dynamic field days, trading days, Free days, art workshops and more.

– Community Movies that Matter film screening venue where we play RealMovies that Matter.

Free Cycle Center where people can share, give and take anything that they’d like to change over.

Up Cycle Center that upcycles products like bags, second hand t-shirts and more.

100% Renewable Energy Now Campaign supporter.

– Arts and Music stage for local talent and creative artists.

– the driving energy behind the Fluoride Free Kuranda Campaign that is set up to prevent Fluoride coming into the Towns’ waters.

 Recharge Kuranda is to still become:

– a Recycle Center for glas bottles, cans and paper as well as loads of plastic.

– a Green Organic gardeners Club Playgroup for young and old.

– add your own creative thoughts to this list 🙂

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