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Sustainable Redland

Last Updated: 173 days ago

We started in 2005 when local resident Hamish Wills hand-delivered a letter to about 400 neighbours saying ‘is anyone else feeling the same as me – all this climate change stuff in the news yet so little clarity about what practical steps we as individuals can and should be do?’ We wrote ourselves a constitution and got a bank account in 2006, and then registered as a Transition Initiative when Sarah Pugh and friends began a City-level programme of Transition talks/workshops/events/training culminating in ‘Big Event’ november 2007 (I think).

We have helped with all kinds of things, far more than we imagined possible when we first got together. We now have a regular Whiteladies Road Farmers and Fair Trading Market every Saturday, we helped set up a CSA The Community Farm in the Chew Valley and are still very much involved in that, we have been part of Bristol Green Doors, Bristol Energy Network, and are involved in the Metford Road Community Orchard.

We work with lots of other community groups, and with our ‘Community Partnership’. We are one of several Sustainability and Transition groups in and around Bristol. For more info see our website, and join in if you can!

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