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Revive the Roots

Last Updated: 357 days ago

Safeguarding Earth. Sustaining Humanity.

Mission Statement:

The Revive the Roots Foundation promotes the creation and enhancement of human communities and habitats which will work to amplify environmental, social, economic and historic sustainability. We will collaboratively work with existing organizations, kin, and members of our community, to design and create a sustainable and self-reliant food supply. We will revive the relics of our past and use them to educate and equip the generations to come so that they be well prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Our Vision:

We envision a system in which the ecological communities of the world are re-designed to better support human and non-human vitality and habitats. This is a system that will adhere to the structure of our local ecology and enhance the human population as an asset. The integrity of our efforts will support a world-wide vision to ensure that our land, local as well as global, remains livable for humans and wildlife into the indefinite future.

Six Core Goals and Values:

1) Safeguarding Earth

We believe that man is not separate from nature and that our native ecosystems deserve an enhanced degree of stewardship toward our goal of making the the forests of the future more magnificent than those of the past.


2) Sustaining Humanity

We believe it is our duty to the future of the world to fortify the ability of our local communities to generate all of their own necessities sustainably. This will eliminate our dependence on the goods and services of other inhumane and unsustainable systems.


3) Securing Sustenance

We believe in our ability to use methods that disprove the myth that agricultural practices and a healthy local environment are mutually exclusive. The vision and practice of permaculture will allow us to achieve this goal while at the same time curbing our reliance on fossil fuel intensive and environmentally destructive factory farming.


4) Promoting the Economy

We believe local sustainable farms are an up and coming industry, as they will soon become more profitable than fossil fuel agriculture due to rising oil prices. In our future, local agriculture will serve as the anchor for every stable economy.


5) Enriching Community

We believe that the camaraderie of community is the essential element that allows local economies to compete in a world pressured by an exponentially competitive and divided global economy.


6) Emphasizing Local History

We believe in the preservation of iconic local land sites and estates which will serve as memorials to our rich past, and as functional and educational farms essential to our promising future.




The Revive the Roots Foundation is an organization that began in January of 2011, but our roots are based within friendship. Since our groups beginnings, we have wanted to transition to a more self-reliant and healthier life-style. In it’s immature stages this idea was fulfilled to some extent by our imagination, creativity, and exploratory nature. So Exploratory, that a few of us went to other parts of the world to get a taste of what we all yearned for. Those endeavors filled the travelers of our group with motivation that they eagerly shared  with those of us who stayed behind to build momentum at home.

As our passion grew, so did the volume of our voices, the sense of urgency in our tone and the haste in our actions. We had set a goal to achieve and promote a sustainable way of life, we became incredibly determined to see this goal through. All of our focus and drive begun to pay off as soon as we started to show initiative on the English families property “Wionkhiege Valley Farm,” where we fully developed our goals and aspirations.

An immense opportunity presented itself fresh off of the grape vine. There had been an un-occupied and unused property right around the corner from W.K. Valley Farm that had been formerly owned by the late Mary Mowry. Upon her passing, Monroe Alan had been appointed executor of the property and with no use for the property, and fearing the continuation of this, Mr. Allan deeded the property to it’s current proprietors The Smithfield Land Trust in 2008. Upon hearing this news, just months ago from Town Council member Maxine Cavanaugh, we hastily began the preparation for a presentation to the Land Trust and the Town Council,  to explain to them what we wished to use the property for and how it could strengthen and empower our community. The Land Trust and Town Council embraced our idea’s and aspirations with open arms, and we are currently being leased the property, that we have named Niantic Gardens. We are forging ahead with both of our projects and are already fathoming future endeavors.




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