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Sherwood Forest Transition

Last Updated: 185 days ago

New opportunities for community management of woodlands and resources.

Volunteers play a vital role in protecting woodlands and wooded landscapes. They are frequently relied upon by local councils and other organisations to carry out a wide variety of management, conservation, and environmental tasks. It is therefore crucial that volunteers have the necessary resources to help develop the heritage and ecology of their local woodlands.

However, although there are many good local projects on woodland heritage and rural crafts, it is not easy for people to access the knowledge or skills that are needed to develop a better understanding of working in our forest and woodlands. This project addresses some of those issues and focuses on more local points of training and skills delivery. We also wish to help professionals who work in woodland or the wooded landscape (and who feel that a more holistic approach to the site may benefit their work), look at a more local approach to management and decision-making practices especially in sourcing and the supply of services.

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