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St Margarets Bay (Transition Bay St Margarets)

Last Updated: 376 days ago
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Transition Bay St Margarets ( is a suburban town initiative started in January 2011.  St Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia, presents a hybrid culture between newer residents who are either retirees or commuters into the Halifax city core, and long-time residents with livelihoods based on tourism, services or resources.   The group has grown quickly, initially focused on local food production, transition 4-season gardening, arable land and greenhouse inventory and potential local markets and food distribution.  The organization received substantial grant funding in both 2011 and 2012, and has hosted Training for Transition and Permaculture workshops in early 2012 and numerous other events.  The Great Unleashing occurred in November 2012 will great success, including a talk by the new Major of Halifax.

Transition Bay has launched several projects including a Farmer’s Market, local Educational Vegetable Garden, Community Garden and local currency called the ‘Carat’.  See details on our website.  Other projects being explored include biofuels, social-media based forms of transportation networking and reskilling. Transition Bay St Margarets has partnered with the St Margarets Bay Stewardship Association, a highly respected area organization fostering sustainable development in the region, as well as the local public library and other area groups.

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