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Stoke Ferry in Transition

Last Updated: 496 days ago

A West Norfolk Village with the edge of the Fens on one side and the Brecks on the other, close to the market towns of Swaffham and Downham Market. In the past Stoke Ferry was a thriving trading town based on its location uphill from the river Wissey. Transition culture supports the efforts of ordinary people, families and communities to respond practically and resourcefully to the crises of our times without waiting for the government of the day to take the lead. Transition means making the necessary change from ways of living which are contributing to worldwide ecosystem collapse (Climate change) and the consequent disruption to the social, economic and political sphere, all of which are failing to respond to these urgent and interwoven crises. It’s a call to move from human centric, individualised isolation to recognising how our lives are dependent upon each other and the ecosystems that provide us with everything that sustains our lives. Therefore the care of the eco-systems that support human community require us to “transition” away from…. Dependence on resources which are rapidly depleting and who’s continued use is behind the destruction of ecosystems, economies, and communities threatening a viable future for our children… To recovering ways of living based on sharing and combining skills and resources whilst caring for and increasingly protecting the living systems that support our lives. We can do this together, starting small and local, and we can enjoy the process along the way. Many of us are deeply concerned and fear there is little we can do individually, that change has to come from the top down. We disagree. it is already too late to wait for permission. There is much that can only be addressed by ordinary people – The key is in our working (and playing!) together. Please do register your interest here and we will invite you to meet with both like and other minded people here in the village. It’s not all Doom and Gloom….!

Several of the folks who established Downham and Villages in Transition or “Davit” now live in Stoke Ferry and we are fortunate to have had a visit to the village from Rob Hopkins, the founder of the Transition movement some years ago now. It’s high time! Welcomes everyone open to learning together how to create a thriving community for the welfare of all.

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