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Sustainable Fairfax

Last Updated: 362 days ago

 Sustainable Fairfax supports the philosophy that we must attend to the needs of the present without sacrificing the ability of future generations and the natural world to provide for their own needs. We are a nonprofit educational organization providing the infrastructure for all age groups in our community to work together to regenerate and preserve the social, economic and environmental well-being of Fairfax and its’ sphere of influence.

Sustainable Fairfax’s vision is:

To maintain our Sustainability Center and Sustainable Backyard as a volunteer staffed community resource for sustainable demonstration, information, resources and goods.

To continue providing Community Education events that support the local economy, teach sustainable environmental practices and build community.

To train Volunteers to integrate sustainable practices into our community and act as a Project coordinators.

Provide information and resources to inspire citizens to take action on issues such as Climate Change, Toxics, Zero Waste, Food, Water and other sustainability topics. Work with our local government, businesses, other non-profits and community groups to advance the cause of a connected Community,local Economy, and diverse Ecology.

Sustainable Fairfax works on community projects that regenerate and preserve the social, economic and environmental well-being of Fairfax and its sphere of influence.  We would love your support and engagement with our mission!


 – Marin Clean Energy, a project spearheaded by the founder of Sustainable Fairfax, brought together all the towns in Marin that wanted to become buyers and resellers of green energy. – PG &E spent over $40 million on a statewide ballot to thwart this kind of community choice and they were handily defeated. – Sustainable Fairfax helped win a major policy victory. Now, residents and businesses in the Marin Clean Energy service area can sign up for 100% green energy.

PLASTIC BAG BAN- Sustainable Fairfax worked to usher in a Plastic Bag Ban, the first in the state enacted through a community effort ballot measure; it won by 79% of the vote. It is the only ban that includes all retail, restaurant and grocery. – Our Project Chair organized sewing parties to make reusable bags, then fundraised to purchase corn-based bio bags; she visited every business in town to help with resources and alternatives for bulk purchasing. We worked with Green Sangha to provide education about the problems caused by plastic

– We continue to sell hundreds of our $1 produce bags encouraging the elimination of plastic and paper used for shopping. 


We are in the process of launching a local currency for Fairfax, Ca!  



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