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Sustainable San Leandro

Last Updated: 556 days ago

Started as a small neighborhood group in the San Francisco Bay Area city of San Leandro, California, we support our community, government, businesses, and schools in a mutual effort toward sustainability.  Started with a core group culled from a local book group. we all had a common interest in working toward a sustainable future for our community.  Our inception coincidentally coincided roughly with San Leandro’s joining the East Bay Green Corridor.  While we are not affiliated directly, the East Bay Green Corridor provided a theme of a community-business-education-government alliance.  Government involvement included our members attending a number of City Council meetings in 2009 while the San Leandro City Council considered a Climate Action Plan – it was adopted on December 21, 2009.  Individually, some of our members have impressively productive vegetable gardens, spawning an annual neighborhood “Green Gathering” – a potluck made from locally grown ingredients.

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