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The Giving Tree – Hadfield, Padfield and Tintwistle

  • Hub: England
  • Topics: Arts, Culture & Society, Energy, Food & drink, Natural environment, Transport

The Giving Tree is a community Transition project for Hadfield, Padfield, Tintwistle and the surrounding villages. It aims to to protect and celebrate our environment, foster
community spirit and create a sustainable future for all.

This is a positive, proactive community-led group organising environmental and community projects with a social impact.

Our key areas of focus are:

1) Plastic, litter and recycling
Supporting the community to tackle single use plastic, fixing, sharing and reusing items, increase recycling efforts and keep our streets clean.

2) Traffic and Transport
Finding sustainable ways to reduce emissions and to promote public transport, walking and cycling.

3) Biodiversity
Protecting and enhancing the local habitat for pollinators and wildlife.

4) Food
Encouraging local growing, supporting independent food production, and ensuring equal access to healthy and nutritious food.

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