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Transition Bollington

  • Hub: England
  • Topics: Ambiente natural, Energy, Food & drink, Natural environment, Transport

Transition Bollington is a voluntary group of local residents seeking a bright future for our community through social change and encouraging activities that drive sustainability, unity and resilience in line with the transition model.
We are seeking for Bollington to become a Transition Town and have the support of our town council in that objective, as well as growing awareness of transition through our community.
Our interests are in not-for-profit projects, disruption & activism that drive benefits across the whole community in terms of reduced dependency on fossil fuels and corporatism, keeping wealth within our local economy, and supporting social & environmental justice eg planting & food resilience initiatives, reduction of waste and single-use plastic, sustainable transport & energy initiatives, biodiversity/habitat conservation. Many stand-alone initiatives have been springboarded, and we look to further encourage & empower residents to take autonomous actions for the benefit of people, planet and all life on it.