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Transition Bollington

Last Updated: 173 days ago

Transition Bollington is a voluntary group of local residents seeking a bright future for our community through social change and encouraging activities that drive sustainability, inclusivity, unity and resilience in line with the transition model.


  • Proposed to our Town Council that they declare a Climate Emergency (they voted to agree and Accept! and are now developing their Strategy through the Bollington 2030 working group on which sit resident volunteers with councillors)
  • Proposed to our Town Council the install of EV charge points – 4 points are now implemented in the public car park through a joint Transition/Council project
  • Conducted town Traffic Survey to crowd source data about how Bollington travels and how Bollington would like to travel if barriers were not present – results have been utilised by the County Council, and we’re supporting the 20’s Plenty campaign
  • Carrying out resident-led Air Quality Monitoring including website displaying data
  • Carrying out Thermal Imaging Surveys of homes for residents to determine insulation requirements – thanks to a National Lottery grant via Transition Network Seed Funding
  • Enabled orchard, edibles and other planting schemes & activities in 3 local primary schools – thanks to funding raised via The Co-operative Local Causes
  • Designed, fabricated & installed bike racks on the Middlewood Way with the help of Cheshire East Ranger Service
  • Installed low maintenance herbal hedges at local Library & Civic Hall for community & pollinator benefit, instead of wasteful & costly municipal planting
  • Installed community orchard at Recreation Ground
  • Introduced the national Refill scheme to Bollington for local cafes to get on the map
  • Built and installed Terracycle collection units at local primary schools – thanks to a National Lottery grant via Transition Network Seed Funding
  • Procured collaboration and networking equipment to help local groups with the ‘new normal’ of online and outdoor meeting – thanks to funding from our Town Council

We are seeking for Bollington to become a Transition Town and have the support of our town council in that objective, as well as growing awareness of transition through our community.
Our interests are in not-for-profit projects, disruption & activism that drive benefits across the whole community in terms of reduced dependency on fossil fuels and corporatism, keeping wealth within our local economy, and supporting social & environmental justice eg planting & food resilience initiatives, reduction of waste and single-use plastic, sustainable transport & energy initiatives, biodiversity/habitat conservation. Many stand-alone initiatives have been springboarded, and we look to further encourage & empower residents to take autonomous actions for the benefit of people, planet and all life on it.

  • Member of grassroots network Cheshire East Climate Alliance

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