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Transition Matamata

Last Updated: 533 days ago
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Transition Matamata is a non-profit community group promoting energy conservation, sustainable living, and a strong and resilient local economy. Established in 2013, the group strives to cater to local interests and serve community needs. Initiatives include how-to workshops, film nights, and special events and activities. An eco home tour, featuring a local home with many ‘green’ features, drew a crowd – many attendees looking for ideas for their own renovation or building project. Another one involved a ‘road trip’ to tour and inspection several homes with different types of sustainable construction. Support is provided to schools establishing vege gardens on their grounds and the ‘Matamata bee Fruitful’ project is planting fruit trees on public land. The group works with the local council to encourage their sustainability efforts, including recycling/resource recovery and active/sustainable transportation. Those wishing to receive Transition Matamata’s e-newsletter should send their email address to

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