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Transition Medicine Hat

Last Updated: 533 days ago
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Transition Medicine Hat promotes sustainable living in southeastern Alberta, Canada, through community, demonstration and instruction. We encourage a gradual shift to a local economy that is less dependent on fossil fuels. Our community will become more sustainable, and at the same time, more resilient to changes.

Please check out our general brochure.

In keeping with the Transition approach, we feel that supporting current positive actions will bring faster change than complaining about negative actions. With this in mind, we have two main areas of interest: renewable energy and regenerative agriculture.

With abundant sunshine and wind, southern Alberta is quickly developing into a major source of renewable energy. Our group provides a summary of progress to date, while encouraging new projects to use best practices.

This region’s strong agricultural tradition does not always receive the recognition it deserves. At the same time, new ideas and approaches are not easily introduced to our producers. We are developing a demonstration farm where people can learn the latest techniques for growing food,whether in their backyards or on farms.

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