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Transition Telford

Last Updated: 178 days ago
Hard to quantify! You are focused on talking to people and not counting how many people. We had 3 large events and more smaller ones. Some were online - adverse weather affected - snow in one case. Storm antoni in another.
Very Active
  • Community Growing
  • Nature
  • Festivals, fairs or events
  • Building local networks
  • Share, Repair or reuse
  • Energy
  • Transport
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Based in Telford, Shropshire. Started in 2012, we are engaged in several different projects, including energy, textiles and sustainable food production.  We are always looking for new members and new ways to engage the public in Transition.

Our most successful project is GrowLocal – an annual plant share event which for the past 5 years has brought together local enthusiasts – both individuals and organisations to share skills and information to help people grow their own food.

In February 2018 we had our first seedswap and this continues to be a big success, encouraging more people to grow – both food and flowers for free!

We are active in two community gardens, one in Leegomery and a small permaculture garden at the Green wood Centre in the historic Ironbridge Gorge which we hope will form the basis of a free food trail in the area.

Our current energy project focusses on electric vehicle charging points, but in the past we have helped a local community obtain a grant to improve the insulation of their building and put solar panels on their roof. During 2014/15 we secured a grant from the Rural Energy Fund for a feasibility study for a small hydro-electricity scheme in Coalbrookdale but this proved not to be feasible for now but we gained new knowledge and skills – particularly about the tendering process.

We are part of the Telford & Wrekin climate change partnership. We work closely with Telford Climate Action Hub, Telford Repair Cafe and Terracycle.  The last few years have seen us network and reach out to many other groups.  We really need more members to help with the job or advising, promoting and encouraging a greener future!




Please contact us via out website or Facebook page, twitter or instagram


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