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Transition Town Christchurch

Last Updated: 362 days ago

The challenges presented to us today by global warming and diminishing oil and gas supplies (peak oil) are great. However, this time also brings a great opportunity for rethinking our environment here in Christchurch and making conscious choices about what kind of community (and world) we would like to live in.

Transition Town Christchurch is one of the local Transition Towns initiatives operating in Dorset and the New Forest area of the UK. Our simple aim is to encourage those who live and work here to: Take responsibility for ourselves as a community. Produce locally more of the food, energy and other goods we consume to create a bright, resilient and sustainable future for all. We are determined to have a future which meets our needs but also nurtures the planet, rather than harming it. You can be part of that – please browse our website and get in touch or come to an event.

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