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Transition Town IG3

Last Updated: 503 days ago

The vision for Transition Town IG3 is “We are a group of local residents sustaining and transforming IG3 in a caring and environmentally friendly community”

Some of the projects Transition Town IG3 have identified we want to initiate immediately are as follows

1. Design and create a community forest garden in Goodmayes park. This is an immaculate way to address food sovereignty; increase biodiversity in our food growing systems; sequester carbon; manage greenhouse gases that are linked to climate change; bring people together; educate; allow people to share their knowledge and passion, and have fun. 

2. Create a children’s permaculture club to help children connect to and love nature

3. A carers support group, to help people who are caring for others to find people they can talk to and meet regularly

4. A clothing up-cylcing project which facilitates residents to take old clothing and jazz them up and have lots of fun with like minded people. The project culminates with an up-cycle fashion show.

5. Wholefood food buyers co-op to get quality food to people at wholesale prices. Buying this way will reduce packaging, transportation, as well as build community

6. Run regular gift circles to encourage people to share and care for each other 

7. Energy awareness to help people to understand their energy consumption

8. A vegan community cafe to give people access to healthy, local, ethical, environmentally friendly, affordable food

9. Run workshops on effective collaborative working, so we can work well in communities

The project is run by the community for the community, so we welcome people who are interested in living in a more environmentally friendly way. We look forward to welcoming people who have something to share or want to learn and be part of making IG3 (seven Kings and Goodmayes) a better place to live.

We are registered as a Community Interest Company

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