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Transition Town Wellington (Somerset)

Last Updated: 566 days ago

Transition Town Wellington (TTW) is one of thousands of groups worldwide that make up the Transition Network which was started in Totnes in Devon in 2006 by Rob Hopkins, a Permaculturist. It has struck such a chord with people everywhere it has now spread, with Wellington’s group starting in 2008.

We have a core group, which acts as a clearing house for communication and new ideas, a very active food group, covering all aspects of food production, cooking, etc., and a transport group.

Our aim is to find positive, practical solutions to the serious environmental threats we are facing – the devastating effects of climate change, such as flooding and droughts, caused by burning fossil fuels like coal and gas and our increasing demand for oil which is running out.

We believe that by working together, locally where we live, we can find alternatives to fossil fuels and ways of saving energy. Transition Towns is about taking control and improving our own lives – saving ourselves money as well as saving the world we live in – rather than leaving it to government and businesses to make decisions.

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