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Transitional Alternative – Alternative currency Alva

Last Updated: 566 days ago
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Transitional Alternative is civil grassroots organization founded 2014. july 13. In Sombor, Serbia. Its role is to make platform for exchange, speak publicly and inform citizens and local goverment about complementary currencies and to promote and encourage them to use Alternative Currency Alva.

Alva is virtual complementary currency based on mutual credit system combined with central issuance body controlled by Transitional Alternative organization. Proposed value of Alva is fixed to our national currency Serbian Dinar.

As usual in mutual credit system, users of Alva can have negative balances as soon as they verify their identity. Negative balances are limited to 5000 Alva which is about 45euros.

Central issuance body (Bank of Alva) issues Alva whenever community members do something valuable for entire system and network – when they donate, support, work. Also, we favor social enterpreneurship, so we issue Alva for all kinds of social programmes (social soup kitchen, community labor actions, etc.)

Alva has its own unique platform where people can join freely with no charge. Also there is no charge for transactions.

Alva is complementary, it is designed to help our local community. Also, its virtual form and platform functioning on internet doesnt preserve people from other towns, cities or countries to become members and take part in promoting our system to their own community.

With ability to help citizens to self employ and make their unused resources go somewhere where are needed, Alva have all prerequrements for local government to accept it as official local money. Also, it has capacity to become used on regional and national level as there is no other similar initiative (with fully developed currency) in whole Balcans.

Also, Alva can act as credit clearing system for canceling debts between its users.

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