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TransitionHaus Bayreuth e.V.

Last Updated: 536 days ago

The TransitionHaus Bayreuth (engl. Transition House), founded in 2015, is the local Transition Town initiative in Bayreuth and is working on an ecological and social transformation towards a more sustainable and collaborative future. We want to enable grass-root movements and activities to transform the society and environment. Furthermore, we want to empower everybody to participate in this transformation and enhance activities across generations and social and cultural groups.

The association runs an environmental community centre, the Transition House, with regular “do it yourself” services (e.g. repair café, bicycle garage, carpentry), sharing facilities (e.g. sharing surplus food, give-away shop) and community services (e.g. donation-based café, food collective Volxkuche).

Furthermore, the association functions as an umbrella organisation for several environmental, social and human rights orientated groups and organisations in town (e.g. upcycling, urban gardening, biodiversity, and data privacy orientated groups, ood-cooperative, circus jam, refugee support).

We are part of the international Transition Town Network, to face future challenges like climate change, scarcity of resources (e.g. peak oil), and shifts in society.

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