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Tufnell Park

Last Updated: 44 days ago


Transition Tufnell Park has been through many blossoming years of working through the ‘Transition Town’ stages. Raising awareness in the neighbourhood around environmental/social justice issues, creating projects groups, events, partnerships, relationships, community and more.

Some of the projects over the years have included; film screenings, socials, creating a community garden, foraging walks, critical mass bicycle rides, getting more bicycle hoops in the local area, pub quizzes, creating a local market and sustaining this for some time, local fruit tree planting, bulb planting, and energy group looking at renewables in the area, later forming a coalition with other North London transition towns to create ‘Power Up North London’, community building / reflection events, creating a bicycle powered sound system.. and lots more!!

The last few years of the ’20 teens’, the Transition Town has been in a lower energy, more dormant phase. Since the core steering group disbanded a few years back, no new projects have been inspired to emerge.

There are many relationships, infrastructure, and magic that has been created together and.. after some composting… TTP trusts and hopes that the right people will appear to help it along its way again!

We’ve had huge amounts of interest from local people who can’t wait to get going and we’re waiting for YOUR ideas!

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