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Last Updated: 112 days ago

Transition Tynedale is a local group that is a part of the national Transition Towns network.

Our aims are to raise awareness of peak oil and climate change and to encourage and support individuals / communities to respond to these twin challenges with inspiration, creativity and an awareness that a lifestyle based on using less fossil fuel can actually be better, more fulfilling and more resilient. (maybe a link with peak oil and climate change to a page with more info)

We have a steering group that helps coordinate things and individual working groups that re represented on the steering group. We also hold regular open meetings on the firs Wed of the Month at the Tap and Spile pub in Hexham at 7.30pm.

We also have a mailing list and produce roughly quarterly newsletters, these give information on events and the activities of each of our working groups, as well as contact details for anyone who would like to get more involved. All of these details are also on this website.

The transition model is based around individuals coming together to make things happen in their communities. If you have ideas or would like to develop a project then we may be able to offer support, advice or help promote it. If you feel that your area is not currently represented then maybe you would like to organise a public meeting, show a film and encourage a discussion. In our experience every community has particular strengths, experience and potential when it comes to developing a lower carbon lifestyle. We will happily support you by showing a film and facilitating a discussion about how your community could begin transitioning towards a lower carbon more resilient future.



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