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V3 Power workers DIY renewable energy education co-operative

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  • Topics: Arts, Energy, Knowledge & learning, REconomy

V3 Power are a workers DIY renewable energy education co-operative based in Nottingham.

We offer:
– Hand Built Wind Turbine courses
– Bicycle Generator hire for energy efficiency engagement
– Off grid power provision via our solar and wind powered trailer
– Servicing and repairing existing turbine installations
– Wind turbine and bespoke renewable energy commissions

We have been building small wind turbines and other renewable energy systems since 2006.

We are in the interesting position of being both an engineering company installing, maintaining and servicing small renewable energy systems a well as an education provider running courses in schools, universities and for members of the public.

We have always had a strong link with the education sector and believe firmly in spreading the D.I.Y. ethic with everything we do.

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