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Valdisieve in Transizione

Last Updated: 536 days ago

Valdisieve in Transizione is a transition initiative started at the beginning of 2019, following the transition network examples around the world, to create a network of citizen, associations  which is trying to collaborate in the creation of several projects to imagine a more resilient and sustainable future. This initiative is mostly based in Pontassieve but expands in all the area west to the city of Florence, involving mostly the Sieve valley but also parts of the metropolitan area of Florence, of the Mugello and Arno valley.

In Valdisieve in Transizione we are developing projects about food and agriculture, such as farmers’ markets, Incredible Edible gardens, food waste recovery projects, about waste management, creating a reuse center, repair cafès and events and pushing the local government to adopt the Zero Waste strategy. We’re working on cultural and educational projects and we’re starting developing a REconomy project to strenghten local economy.

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