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Village Vancouver inspires individuals and organizations to take actions that build resilient and sustainable communities. We are one of hundreds of official Transition Town Initiatives spreading across the globe, the first in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia and pleased to join our fellow sustainability pioneers in Victoria, Nelson, Salt Spring Island, and Powell River. We are first and foremost a hub of knowledge and resources, helping both to spawn walkable neighbourhood Village Groups within our 115 square kilometre and 612,000 person city and to assist other cities in our region with Transition. Promoting social, environmental and economic change in the face of profound ecological stresses and economic crisis, we encourage individuals and groups to unite and collaborate in support of common goals and actions. Most importantly we strive to have fun in the process, proving that doing the right thing can be an holistically profitable and endlessly enjoyable experience. Please read through the wide array of resources on this site, searchable by keyword at the top of each page, including our public events, discussions, projects, photos, and how-to videos on VVTV. If you would like to see more about our Working Groups and neighbourhood Villages, respond to anything on this site, add content of your own, or become a member of Village Vancouver, joining this site by providing your email address is required. You will also later be asked for your name, gender, birth date (feel free to improvise), and local neighbourhood (and/or other home city). We will hold all of this information in strictest privacy, releasing it to no one for any purpose and sending only at most weekly full-group emails about key Transition and Village Vancouver happenings. Please also check out our full Mission Statement here, and our current Board of Directors here.

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