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Vision 21 Gloucestershire

Last Updated: 539 days ago

Vision 21 is a precursor of the Transition movement. It was formed in 1994 as the community’s direct response to the 1992 Rio Earth Summit. In 2000, it changed its official name to Vision 21 Gloucestershire and became a registered charity and company limited by guarantee. Invigorated by the Transition Movement, it helped to form the Transition Town Cheltenham group. This group ran several successful initiatives for several years, but the TTC group was wound up in 2015 and its projects assimilated into Vision 21’s community programme. Vision 21’s mission is to make Gloucestershire more sustainable and our aims are • To provide local, voluntary opportunities for people to engage in environmental and community activities • To educate and encourage the public, businesses and local authorities to become more sustainable

As a small organisation of limited means, we adopt a pragmatic approach to why, what, where and how we do things, in order to maximise our impact. Consequently, we focus our attention on the following 5 UN Sustainable Development Goals: • Climate Action • Sustainable Communities • Responsible Consumption • Clean Energy • Health and Wellbeing

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