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WE Network

Last Updated: 31 days ago

We rebuild ghost towns to house and employ low-income and homeless while also providing them a new career. RBE Co-op Village & Garden We are rebuilding our ghost town of Clubb, MO. (if you could even call it that because there’s nothing left but a few wells and some ruins.) We are looking for any craftsmen or artisans that would like to run any of the shops that we are creating. A dairy, a butcher, a soap maker, a blacksmith, etc any Artisans really we will help build a small shop if they join our co-op we are doing it silver dollar city style but only open to the public on weekends (most of our business will be done online) To provide the needed raw materials, we are starting EcoJunk and a community garden ( we are kind of doing Garden of Eden Style- rewilding the vegetables and fruits and even our livestock grown in a way to easily be regenerative and much, much less work for us) WE is a recipient owned non-profit, that researches sustainable community development. WE groups together homeless & low-income families to help each other while finding a smarter path for our future


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