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  • Hub: Italy
  • Topics: Ambiente natural, Built environment, Construir meio ambiente, Energi, Energia, Energy, Food & drink, Natural environment, Reconomia, REconomy, R√©√©conomie, REkonomi

HELP recovers abandoned resources (terrains and buildings) to create opportunities for disadvantaged people and for marginal areas to increase their resilience.

In doing so, HELP deals with the climate change mitigation because it promotes the reuse and recycle of resources discouraging soil consumption.

HELP activates agroecology projects on arid lands spreading the permaculture principles and encouraging reforestation and biodiversity regeneration.
While, on buildings, the goal is to reactivate them using approaches of bio-architecture and sustainable techniques to increase energy efficiency.

HELP is a multidisciplinary team of engineers, architects, and anthropologists who want to use their knowledge and skills to pursue a goal: to regain an harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

Even if our actions will help one more person live better or plant one more tree, we are determined to succeed!

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