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Woodstock NY Transition

Last Updated: 31 days ago

In 2012, Woodstock, NY became the 115th official Transition Town in the US.  Our little town is part of the Transition Movement that’s currently active all over this planet!

Over the years, our working groups have ebbed and flowed. Some formed and dissolved when their task was complete such as the 10% Challenge, the Solarize Campaign, and the Drinking Water Source Protection. We are in the midst of our 11th Annual Film and Discussion Series and it is going strong. Repair Café Woodstock formed in 2017 and after the interruption of COVID is once again gathering momentum. The Working Group Support group recently dissolved and re-formed as Deep Listening Group, still meeting weekly since 2013. The Energy Group is quietly working in the background with the town government to seek funding for a ground-source district energy scoping study. Woodstock Pollinator Pathway is buzzing along. After many years of vibrant monthly gatherings, the Garden Share Group is currently inactive.

Most of our efforts involve collaboration with other non-profits, faith-based groups, and/or municipal entities. Woodstock Transition has an excellent reputation in the community.

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