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Transition Town Woodstock intends to build up security and resilience within households, businesses, community organisations and the local economy in and around Woodstock, New Brunswick in a creative and rewarding way.  Celebrations and festivals will help layout accomplishments on the transition path.  The goal is to prepare for economic, technological and social changes that are coming with the winding down of the oil era and the transition to a new energy and security platform.

The focus groups that are being considered are: Arts & Heritage, Business, Communication & Media, Education & Reskilling, Farming & Food Production, Financial, Food Distribution (grocery, restaurants and institutions), Energy (alternative and conservation), Health Issues, Transportation, Housing/Construction/Land Use Planning and Waste Management.

So far we have formed a Steering Committee of six members, initiated a monthly movie night, and started a weekly column in the local paper. The Energy Focus Group has been formed around the Sustainable Energy Group. Initial efforts are being made to start a Story Gathering Project in conjunction with the local Historical Society and Arts Association.

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