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  • Hub: England
  • Topics: Built environment, Energy, Food & drink, Inner Transition, Knowledge & learning, Natural environment, Transport

Engaging Worthing in responding positively to challenges by creating a healthy human culture, one that meets our needs for community, livelihoods and fun!

Our sub groups and networks cover different areas of interest, including: Energy, Greenspaces and Transport.

Our Projects:
·  Pop up energy shop providing guidance regarding savings on fuel bills and energy use.
·         Fruit Tree Pruning: can we help make your old tree more productive?
·         Our transport group has produced a map of local twittens (old walking routes)
·         SUDS (sustainable urban drainage system) – we are currently looking at this as a project
We have a community food garden in a local park. We also run an annual seed swap, beach clean, sustainable forage walk and eco open house event. We are part of a team of local community organisations that run an annual event “Green Dreams” that brings local growers, producers and community gardeners together.

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