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Join us on our quest Six decades following the discovery of the Keeling Curve, we are finally coming to the realization that maybe we can’t control nature after all.

The phrase Saving the Planet is catchy but misleading. The planet has been around way before we showed up and will continue long after we are gone. Let’s be honest. What we are currently trying to save is ourselves.

The good news is that each one of us has the power to change …if we allow ourselves to envision, take action and realize our ideas.

Circular Vienna has one goal in mind, and that is to get as many people feeling empowered so that we reach the climate objectives, redefine and achieve a quality of life for all inhabitants of this great city…and a lot more.

This city belongs to us. That means we have the right to start modeling and co-creating a city we want to live in.

We need your help to make this happen. Come join us!


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