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Zero Carbon Guildford

  • Hub: England
  • Topics: Arts, Built environment, Culture & Society, Energy, Food & drink, Natural environment, REconomy, Transport

We are creating a physical space – dubbed a ‘Climate Emergency Centre’ – which will bring together Guildford’s social & environmental groups so that we can begin adapting to the climate crisis and related social issues as a unified community.

The centre will focus firstly on education and engagement of the wider community around the issues of climate breakdown, ecological destruction, and why issues such as poverty, racial, gender and class inequality, etc share the same driving causes as the climate & ecological crisis.

Secondly, we will platform the work of local businesses, organisations and projects which are helping with mitigation and adaptation of the climate crisis, and will promote solutions to help residents and businesses to lower their emissions through behavioural and structural change to support the council in meeting the borough’s legislated 2030 carbon neutrality target.

We aim to build a strong, resilient community that can cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing planet.

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