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Transiton Network website

Groups are active in 81 countries

304 out of 1145 groups are recently active on this site (26.6%).

More than 6269 people are participating in Transition organisation.

More than 106074 people have been reached with this work.

  • Community Growing: 149 (10%)
  • Building local networks: 142 (10%)
  • Nature: 125 (8%)
  • Share, Repair or reuse: 118 (8%)
  • Other food projects: 110 (7%)
  • Festivals, fairs or events: 109 (7%)
  • Community hub or activities: 108 (7%)
  • Energy: 94 (6%)
  • Community visioning / imagination work: 80 (5%)
  • Local economy or new economy projects: 69 (5%)
  • Art / creativity: 68 (5%)
  • Wellbeing or Inner Transition: 68 (5%)
  • Youth or education projects: 67 (5%)
  • Transport: 55 (4%)
  • Other: 54 (4%)
  • Social Justice / Just Transition activities: 44 (3%)

About these numbers


Would you like to add a new group to the global map?

The current total number of global Transition Groups registered on this site is in the box on the right-hand side of the global map. You can also search by country, hub, in the dropdown boxes above.

Please note that the total number of Transition Groups on our website doesn’t reflect the many more Transition Groups registered via Hub websites that aren’t necessarily registered here.

For example, there is a more complete view of Francophone countries, German groups, and US groups. We continue to explore ways these mapping services can be made more interoperable through API’s

Aligned with the spirit of Transition being a self-organising model, please also note that we (Transition Network staff) do not create Transition Groups or Hub profiles. These are created by members of the Transition movement.

If you want to update the profiles at any time but no longer have the login info or have forgotten who created the profile, please get in touch and we will re-send this information.

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