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Transição de Camarões

Last Updated: 561 days ago
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Greetings transitional brothers,

We are Transition Camarones, perhaps the planet’s southernmost transition arm joining this force of change. A group of motivated citizens who live in the legendary southern Patagonia, a small village on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean called Camarones.

We believe that the transition takes place from the inside out, so after studying the movement, translating all the available material into Spanish (Of course, available to new transitional brothers in our website) we come together to dream and create the path to a more resilient people and conscious, creating this initiative. We have valued the transition from the inside out so much that we have taken 9 months to create a beautiful birth, make ourselves strong, study, get to know each other to strengthen our relationships and, above all, integrate all the new dialogue and communication tools proposed by the movement. We agree that taking into account the opinions and feelings of the group is the way to move towards solid projects that last over time and generate change towards a new lifestyle. We are at the moment of creating alliances with the authorities, and making the movement known, with our driving project that is the production of healthy, fair and equitable food, with and for the community. And we have our own website to keep enthusiastic people informed and interested in joining this force of change.

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