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Melissa Bivar

Línguas: Português
Tópicos: Beautiful Economies / Reconomy, Effective Groups, Transition Launch, Transition Talk
Países: Brasil
Regiões: Rio de Janeiro | São Paulo | Minas Gerais | Amazonas

O seu formador/facilitador bio

I have co-facilitated three launches on 2017 in Rio de Janeiro in partnership with Cláudia Arakaki, my dear friend and transition partner in the region of laranjeiras and Cosme velho in Rio de Janeiro.

In 2019, we organized a new training in Rio de Janeiro, this time we did it at TERRA, a network organization that held a collaborative house dedicated to regenerative entrepreneurship. TERRA itself, was a transition space that we where co-sustaining as a laboratory of new tools for economy relations, governance,  network organizations and non-violent communication.

Last year as well as this year, during the pandemic, I integrated the Brazilian group, who designed the first online launch. We already completed 3 trainings since 2020.

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