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EcoBerko (anteriormente Transition Town Berkhamsted)

Last Updated: 159 days ago
We're in the process of re-launching, at time of writing. We have a Steering Group of 12, with a number of other people involved in related activities in the town.
2009, roughly
Não constituído (um grupo de indivíduos)
Um pouco ativo
  • Crescimento da comunidade
  • Outros projetos de alimentos
  • Natureza
  • Centro ou atividades comunitárias
  • Trabalho de imaginação/visão da comunidade
  • Criação de redes locais
  • Projetos de economia local ou de nova economia
  • Compartilhar, reparar ou reutilizar
  • Energia
  • Transporte

TTB was formed around 15 years ago by an inspired group of people.  We have had peaks and troughs over the years, with large events involving hundreds and thousands of people, such as the Great Unleashing, B-Hive (where we ran a charette to co-design the centre of the town), a number of film showings talks (the Ashlyns Lectures, with Ian Roberts, Mike Berners-Lee, Mark Stevenson and the late and great Polly Higgins) and even ran one of the national Transition Roadshows in 2014.  We’ve put up solar panels on the local secondary school, created two community orchards and helped to bring together the other local Transition Initiatives to form a hub of sorts.  Current activity is focused around waste, with the Green Events Team and litter picks.  We are currently in the process of re-launching as EcoBerko, recruiting more volunteers and aiming for an event with a bit of a fanfare in Great Big Green Week on 15 June 2024.

Contato EcoBerko (anteriormente Transition Town Berkhamsted)

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