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Arci Pasanen

Idiomas: Inglês, Svenska
Tópicos: Lançamento da Transição
Países: Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden
Regiões: All of them.

Seu treinador/facilitador bio

I am Arci and I have been facilitating Transition Launches since 2019. I collect inspiration from multiple sources like Art of Hosting, Warm Data and Active Hope. I have been active within the transition movement around ten years and member/chairperson of the national organisation for Transition Sweden (Omställningsnätverket).

I adore hosting space for the TL since it is such a powerful community building tool and have hosted it in multiple contexts, for a diversity of people and groups in different parts of the society.

As a trainer I try to be aware of the things that make the thing. The small details that creates group dynamic and allows the participants to step in honestly and fully into the journey.

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