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Геза Машковски

Языки: Немецкий, английский
Темы: Beautiful Economies / Reconomy, Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Municipalities in Transition
Страны: Германия
Регионы: Online events

Биография вашего тренера/фасилитатора

I have worked for many years in social movements and sustainability education. Among others I am co-founder of the working group Nutrition Ecology at the University of Gießen, the Transition Initiative Bonn im Wandel and Community Supported Agriculture in Bonn. I have completed the Train the Trainers course 2013 in Belgium. Since then I am active in the German and international community, giving trainings, workshops and developing large scale events for Transition and Transformation in initiatives, authorities and cities. I also see myself as a scientivist, at the interface between science and practice. In 2019, I received my PhD from the University of Bonn on nutrition communication and transformation,


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