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Amandine Gameiro

Languages: English, Français, Português
Topics: Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Municipalities in Transition, Other, Resilient Food Systems, Transition Launch, Transition Talk, Transition Thrive
Countries: Belgium, France, Portugal, Spain
Regions: I can offer in-person training and co-facilitation in Portugal (where i live) and as well remotely or in presence to other countries supporting in the case of French or English language in the trainer, in Europe

Your trainer/facilitator bio

Dreamer, visionary and a watcher. Amandine was called from an early age by the philosophy of Life and Nature, from the most contemplative ways to hands-on-earth practices. Environmental Engª with a MA in Ecosystem Regeneration, a path exploring unconventional and pioneering territories in practical sustainability, regeneration and communities. For several years she practiced and trained permaculture, agroecology & forestry and immersed in social realms with the Transition movement. A catalyst for the the Portuguese network, a co-founder of Initiatives and a trainer for Transition. Co-founder of an Ecovillage where she lived for many years in a deep and challenging community experience, she got skilled in multi-subjects giving her diverse abilities relevant to the educational Center for practical Sustainability.  Recently she’s been exploring ways of strengthening collaborative paths, facilitating and supporting projects as an integrative counsellor, with shared governance methods, systemic and emergent paths, and regenerative practices. She is trained as a tutor for Municipalities in Transition and co-acts as a co-representative in the resurgence of the Portuguese Hub. In parallel, she deeply explores Inner Transition realms from traditional wisdom philosophies to current synergies and holistic approaches. Being a Yoga and Meditation Teacher, she is actively involved in the emergence and re-integration of the Feminine Path, strongly guided by an open philosophy of Life and Nature.

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