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Anahí Beatriz Pacheco Araneda

Languages: English, Español
Topics: Inner Transition, Transition Launch
Countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Plurinational State of, Chile, Ecuador, Peru
Regions: I could travel as needed in Mother Earth

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Moved to find solutions to the actual eco-systemic, social, economic, and spiritual crisis, Anahí feels the call to support building communities that place in the center of every decision and action the Care for Life and Love. Co-creating a new human culture of peace.

Transpersonal Psychologist and Master in Systemic Therapy, with 25 years of personal experience and professional training in psychotherapy methodologies and spiritual growth. She is trained as Biodanza and Meditation teacher, Eco-social facilitator and Group therapist, among others. In her spiritual journey she had been nourished by the vision of Osho, had experienced, and honored different paths of shamanic traditions. Anahí connects deeply with the Sufi path vision, in its purpose of integrating the mysticism present in all spiritual traditions and religions, what we could call Sacred Activism. Understanding that every different born slope flow and reaches finally the same Ocean.

As university teacher in the degree of Ecotourism (2012-2019), in 2013 she met Permaculture, thus starting her journey to become a Gaia Education Trainer. Collaborating in 2017 with the Chilean Institute of Permaculture and Transition. Since 2019 she has been an active member of the Transition Movement Hubs Heart Circle, collaborating in Trainings for Transition circle and Hubs-link role (2020/21) and as lead link of the Inner Transition Circle (2021/22). Simultaneously she collaborates with Gaia Education activating the Spanish speaking EDE and GEDS presential and online programs in Chile and Latin America. Currently Anahí also shares her practice of psychospiritual accompaniment, both face-to-face and virtually.

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