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Bill Sharp

Languages: English
Topics: Effective Groups, Municipalities in Transition, Other, Resilient Food Systems, Transición Charla, Transition Launch, Transition Talk, Transition Thrive
Countries: United States
Regions: Northeast US. Regarding location, I have international connections and can do Zoom anywhere.

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Bill has been active in Transition since 2008 (started with Post Carbon Institute Relocation Network in 2007). Founded Transition Centre (2009), and continues as Director, and Transition Towns State College (2010), taking the later through to an EDAP, from which the TC Resilient Community Blueprint was developed.  Founding Board Member Pennsylvania Interfaith Power and Light with the job of community development using the Transition model across the state.  Founding board member of Arizona Interfaith working closely with members of all faiths developing cultural relations.

Bill is an author, speaker, and workshop leader.  He has made many presentations, conducted personal and organizational development workshops, developed a variety of sustainability projects and programs, and the author of several books.  He has restored the resource rich legacy of Ralph Borsodi, a forerunner to sustainable communities, and innovative leader in alternative education.  His most recent project is Rural Resilient Hub developed with a group of mostly Transition veterans, focused on rural communities in decline.

He sees Transition Towns as the leading model for forming community sustainability organizations.

B.Sc. in Public Management with a minor in History.  M.A. in sociology with a focus on community leadership development and additional graduate work in community development.

A full resume may be found on Linkedin.

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