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Claudia Valadares Arakaki

Languages: English, Español, Português
Topics: Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Transition Launch, Transition Talk
Countries: Australia, Brazil, Mexico
Regions: Many

Your trainer/facilitator bio

“My first contact with the Transition Town movement was in 2009 through the Gaia Education and Launch Training. I felt a strong sense of purpose thereafter and a few weeks later I found myself co-starting the Transition Town movement in my hometown, Rio de Janeiro.  For 5 years I coordinated the Transition Town nucleus in my neighborhood.  Nowadays, I conduct face to face and online trainings, I am a member of the Brazilian Hub and the International Heart Circle.

Over many years as a student and teacher in a Taoist Institution, I’ve developed a systemic and holistic view of life. As a meditation practitioner and Transformational Coach, I see immense value in the processes of inner transformation ​and I believe it is the cornerstone for consistent social transformation.


I love the simple things ​in​ life, such as: contact with nature, dancing, planting my own ​organic ​food, composting my internal and external garbage, learning​, sharing​,​ and networking with people.”

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