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Deborah Benham

Languages: English
Topics: Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Other
Countries: United Kingdom
Regions: UK wide. I am also in North America for 2-3 months every year as my husband is American/Canadian. I can travel to Europe if needed.

Your trainer/facilitator bio

I use inter-disciplinary and experiential practices to support creativity, collaboration and empowerment. My work is in service to regeneration and positive change for individuals, communities and nature more widely. I offer a broad range of skills and practices including:

  • Living Systems based design for ecological and social regeneration
  • Community building, regenerative culture design, and paradigm shift
  • Peacebuilding and conflict resilience
  • Organisational development, social enterprise
  • Shared governance (sociocracy & holacracy) & distributed leadership
  • Stakeholder engagement and co-creative group processes
  • Deep nature connection
  • Transformative environmental education
  • Ecological restoration & ecological design

I have been an ecologitst for 25 years and a trainer for 17 years, including being accredited with Gaia Education, the National Association for Interpretation and 8 Shields. Since 2019 I have also been a staff member at Transition Network so am embedded in the Transition movement, it’s principles and practices.

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