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Gordana Dragičević

Languages: Croatian, English
Topics: Other, Transition Launch, Transition Talk
Countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Slovenia
Regions: South Eastern Europe, Central Europe, online

Your trainer/facilitator bio

Originally I trained in physics, but after university decided to pursue activism instead. Around 2011 I made another personal transition and switched from protest and policy based environmental activism to permaculture and Transition, working in Croatia and the neighbouring countries. I initiated several urban community initiatives and have been mentoring and training others. Experienced campaigner, public speaker teacher and facilitator in both live and online settings. Co-founder and member of Transition Hub in Croatia.

A Permaculture Diploma holder since 2013, I have taught and facilitated around 40 Permaculture Design Courses and more than 100 shorter courses and practical workshops focusing mainly on perennial food systems, urban permaculture and social permaculture. In 2015 I attended the Train-the Trainers for Transition, and have since delivered 7 Transition Launch courses and other bespoke workshops for transitioners and community activists.

As a member of an international consortium, I contributed to the development of the Community Climate Coaches approach, which is about to be rolled out across Europe.

Co-author of an activist handbook and a book on permaculture design and practice.

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