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Joyce Peters

Languages: English, Nederlands
Topics: Inner Transition, Other, Transition Launch, Transition Thrive
Countries: Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom
Regions: all regions and also maybe other countries a bit further away, depending on what is possible! Like Spain, Norway,...

Your trainer/facilitator bio

I’ve been a facilitator all my life: youth movements, a social worker (mostly with teenagers), energetic & soundhealing work, over to spiritual coaching & community building.

Strong training/hosting skills (create & deliver, social & spiritual, inspiring & joyful). My strength is to see all layers/aspects, bringing it together. A teaching degree & I homeschooled my stepson (autistic teenager). I speak easily for groups & am a practical organizer, good at managing/coördinating, finding solutions,…

Five languages: excellent Dutch & English, (really) good French, not bad German, rusty Spanish. Very creative & have a good sense of humor. I have a lot of material for teambuilding & games. I can facilitate ceremonies, ecstatic or trancedance, sound healing & meditative journeys.

The past eight years I was extensively involved in the start-up of an ecovillageproject in France. I handled the website, did the outreaching & facilitated the teambuilding of the core group, next to gathering all necessary information, networking in the region and exploring/designing options for the juridical & practical shape of the ecovillage.

I participated in a lot of training during that time, mainly by 8Shields & with GAIAeducation, applying it hands-on 🙂
I started to coach people spiritually; mentoring teens & adolescents; in my job became a counselor for troubled families with children.

In 2023 I started designing & hosting trainings around community & mentoring, related to Rites of Passage. I will develop a training around Regenerative Culture in 2024.

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