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Martina Francesca

Languages: English, Español, Italiano
Topics: Effective Groups, Grupos Efectivos, Inner Transition, Municipalities in Transition, Other, Transición interna, Transition Launch, Transition Talk
Countries: Italy, Spain
Regions: I have selected Italy and Spain as they are countries where I live and travel most often. I am willing to travel, both in Italy and Spain and to other countries in Europe

Your trainer/facilitator bio

After graduating in electronic engineering in 2012, she decided to deepen the topics of facilitation and Transition, working closely with the Italian hub of the Transition Town movement as a Transition Trainer. She started working as a freelance facilitator in 2016, supporting groups and organizations in different contexts in applying new models for collaboration and participation through facilitation. Since January 2019 she is assistant facilitator in an 8-weekends facilitation training course in Milan. In 2016 she co-authored a book and deck of cards in Italian about facilitation. She collaborated with Democratic Society and the Center for Blue Demeocracy.  She is co-founder of La Prossima Cultura, a project exploring how the intersection between systems thinking, deep ecology and facilitation can shape the new, emerging culture.

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