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Nenad Maljković

Languages: Croatian, English
Topics: Other, Transition Launch
Countries: Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Hungary, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia
Regions: Balkans, Central Europe.

Your trainer/facilitator bio

My specialty is supporting teams and larger groups in turning their remote or hybrid collaboration into an effective, efficient and enjoyable experience.

As a regenerative cultures practitioner, I work at various scales: from local to translocal levels as a member of the Croatian Permaculture, and from continental to global levels as an associate in Greaterthan Collective. I am also a member of Transition Hub in Croatia and a Deep Adaptation guide.

What my coachees appreciate about me
“In you, I witness a singular combination of forthrightness, humour, skillfulness, and care. You bring your gifts with much generosity and selflessness, and aren’t afraid to model ways of being that break with established patterns, and disturb people out of their comfort zones.

I feel this is incredibly precious, as an invitation to personal and collective learning. I have also noticed you are very receptive to feedback, and take it all on board with impressive grace. I have learned so much from you, from collaborative practices to ways of being a decent human.”

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