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Noémie Cheval

Languages: English, Français
Topics: Effective Groups, Inner Transition, Other, Transition Launch, Transition Thrive
Countries: Belgium, Switzerland
Regions: Europe is easier as I am not flying anymore.

Your trainer/facilitator bio

I am an international trainer since 2010. I have done lots of nice trainings and I have been certificated: Training for trainer in non formal education delivered by Salto Youth in Action European program (one year and a half in 2010)). I have an official certificate in Group facilitation in Belgium, I have done the Training for trainers in People and Permaculture with Looby Macnamara (2016-2017). I have been giving and designing trainings in  Social Permaculture and been mentoring other trainers in that field too. I have  Discover Transition in 2011, i have done the ToT in 2014 in Sweden with Naresh and Sophy. I have been facilitating and designing Trainings with the belgian Transition Network since 2012 and supported the emergence of the Trainers circle there until 2019. In 2015, I have moved in Switzerland where I am a co-founder of the Swiss Hub. I am designing and giving trainings like: Launch (online and in presence), Inner (online and in presence). Work that reconnects, Positive Groups, What if (I have organize two online Trainings with Rob and started to translate it in French), etc. I am also transmitting what I have learned since then to new trainers who engage in Transition in Switzerland. This year, I am  designing a training for people who wish to facilitate Transition.

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