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Nuno Da Silva

Languages: English, Español, Português
Topics: Inner Transition, Other
Countries: Portugal, Spain
Regions: Europe

Your trainer/facilitator bio

I actively participate in a diversity of transformative “spaces”:
– Co-founder of Port’Água – Regenerative Journeys that supports and designs projects aimed at Regenerative Development;
– member of Innovations for the Future, particularly in the area of human settlements and eco-villages;
– online host of a Community of reflective social practices with the Proteus Initiative;
– Was actively involved in the past three years in the Transition Movement Conflict Transformation program;
– curator at The Emergence Network;
– founding member of FESCOOP – the first ethical finance cooperative in Portugal;
– member of the Council of Europe’s Pool of Trainers.

I’m a passionate facilitator of:
a) Regenerative Development, a process and methodology for harmonising human activities with the continuing evolution of life on our planet, even as we continue to develop our potential as humans.
b) A wide body of methodologies supporting living systems evolution, used to enhance cooperation and collaboration for groups of all types and sizes such as Reflective Social Practice, Theory U, Social Presencing Theatre, ProSocial, Art of Hosting, The Work That Reconnects, Dragon Dreaming, Process Work, Theatre of the Oppressed, among others.